Introducing Smart Docket:
Simplify Payments
with QR Codes


To get started with Smart Docket, follow these 3 simple steps

To get started with Smart Docket, follow these simple steps:

  1. Use this link to register: StrikePay. Sign up for an account if you’re new or log in to your existing account.
  2. Once you’ve successfully registered, navigate to the QR Code section within your account.
  3. Customize your QR code by adding your business logo or any additional information you’d like to display.
  4. Take a screenshot of your unique QR code, as you will need it in the next step.
  1. Visit our website [Insert Website URL] and explore our range of docket books in various sizes, including A4, A5, A6, and DL.
  2. Select the product that best fits your needs and proceed to the checkout page.
  3. During the checkout process, you’ll find an option labeled “Add QR Code for Payment.” Choose this option.
  4. Upload the screenshot of your QR code that you captured earlier.
  5. Complete the checkout process, and your order will be confirmed.

Once your order arrives, you’re all set to start benefiting from the Smart Docket with QR code integration:

  1. Include the QR code section in your invoice when filling out payment details for your customers.
  2. When your customers receive the docket, they can simply scan the QR code using their preferred payment app.
  3. They will be directed to a secure payment gateway where they can easily complete the transaction within seconds.
  4. As a merchant, you’ll only be charged a nominal fee of 1.5% for each transaction.
  5. Experience the convenience of faster payments, reduced transaction time, and improved cash flow.


Here are three key benefits of using Smart Docket books:

Streamlined Payments

By integrating a QR code into your dockets, you enable customers to make payments quickly and conveniently. This streamlined payment process eliminates the need for traditional terminals or manual entry, saving time for both you and your customers.

Faster Transactions

With the Smart Docket QR code, your customers can complete their payments within seconds. They simply scan the code using their preferred payment app, reducing transaction time and improving the overall customer experience.

Improved Cash Flow

By enabling swift and seamless payments, Smart Docket helps improve your cash flow. You receive payments faster, allowing you to manage your finances more effectively and have access to funds sooner.

Start using Smart Docket today and unlock the benefits of seamless and efficient payments!


Clients' Testimonials

These testimonials reflect the positive experiences of our clients who have adopted Smart Docket and witnessed its benefits firsthand. We strive to provide exceptional solutions that make a real difference in businesses like yours.

Integrating Smart Docket into our invoicing process has been a game-changer. Our customers love the convenience of scanning the QR code and making payments instantly. It has not only saved us time but has also improved our cash flow significantly. Smart Docket is a must-have for any business looking for efficient payment solutions.

Sarah Thompson Owner, Thompson's Boutique

Since implementing Smart Docket in our company, our payment process has become much smoother. Our clients appreciate the simplicity of scanning the QR code and completing their payments in seconds. It has enhanced our professionalism and customer satisfaction. Smart Docket has undoubtedly transformed the way we handle transactions.

John Roberts CEO, Tech Solutions Ltd.

Smart Docket has revolutionized our payment system. Our customers now have the option to make contactless payments by scanning the QR code on their invoices. It has made the whole process faster and more convenient for everyone involved. Our staff and customers alike have embraced this technology, and we've seen a significant improvement in efficiency and customer feedback.

Lisa Martinez Manager, Martinez & Sons Restaurant

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