The rental receipt book is helpful for every rental property owner that takes cash as payments. The receipt book should have two copies – one for the customer and one copy that you keep for the record. This helps you keep track of your sales, and to have physical proof that the sale was completed. In this article, we talk about rental receipt books.

If you manage a rental property, you should give a tenant a receipt when he/she makes a rental payment. Provide a rental receipt book for your tenant using the receipt booklet. You can choose to make a handwritten receipt book but this takes you time and energy. You can customize your template for receipt book and a printing company will create the receipt books for you in a professional manner. So what should you include in your rental receipt book? Here are some tips.

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Rental receipt book

Write a header

The header should include the main information for your business. Like the business name, address, and contact information. This also helps you to get more awareness as more people see your business name, thus they can rent an apartment from you.

Rental receipt book

Write the date

Include the date in which the rental payment was made. Also, include the rental period and the due date for payment.

Include Payment Information

Write another section where you mention the payment amount and payment type. Fill out accordingly, also, write “Payment received from” where you put the tenant’s name.

Make Two Copies

You should make two copies of the receipt, one for the tenant and one for you to keep a record of your tenant’s payments.


As a rental property owner, you should keep track of your tenant’s payments. We can help you create professional receipt books. Visit our website and check our offers for customized or generic receipt books.


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