Invoice and bill are two terms that are often used by businesses and customers and it’s common that it may be used interchangeably. Invoices and bills have any things in common, but they are not identical.
In the business world terms like invoices and bills are used a lot, and most people assume they know the meaning of these terms. Therefore here we will see what are the differences between these terms.

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Invoice and bill

Definition of the invoice

An invoice is a document that is used for listing the purchased products, their quantities, and prices. Invoices are handled by sellers to buyers prior to or after the product or service has been provided.

Definition of Bills

A bill is presented to buyers with the expectation that all due payment is made immediately. A bill is more of a generic term that could apply to different documents including invoices.

Invoice and bill

Main differences between Invoice and Bill

The main difference between an invoice and a bill is the information that they contain. Invoices usually include information like

  • A unique invoice number
  • Date of issue
  • Due date of the invoice
  • Business name and contact details
  • Customer contact details
  • Details of goods and services provided
  • Total amount
  • And other information like taxes, etc

Bills on the other hand include information for product or service provided, prices and taxes, they don’t contain information about the customer. Also, invoices have a unique number that is used for tax purposes or financial reporting, etc, while bills aren’t usually numbered.

Another difference between invoice and bills is that invoices are often issued for sales provided on credit. Whereas bills are used for transactions that are completed when the buyer makes the order and receives the product or service.


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