Selecting the best print product may be a tough decision if you don’t know some things about paper stocks. Many customers ask if they should use coated or uncoated paper. Glossy or Matte business cards? Each type of paper has its pros and cons depending on the project.

Coated and uncoated stocks don’t have much difference between one another but the main difference is how the ink lies on the paper. Coated paper has an extra layer that makes the paper less porous. You don’t have to be an expert on printing to know which one you need. Here we created this guide to help you choose easier.

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Coated or uncoated

Uncoated paper

Uncoated paper is as it sounds like – paper that doesn’t have any extra coating or paper finishing. Uncoated papers don’t have any glare on the surface because there is no coating. Therefore it’s ideal for prints that have a lot of text or reading materials.

For printing envelopes and business letterheads for an elegant look uncoated paper is used more. Uncoated cards are ideal for invoice books, receipt books, or appointment cards because they can be easily written on.

On uncoated paper, colors look significantly different. Color may appear darker and images are not as sharp. The ink doesn’t sit on top of the paper, therefore uncoated stock is ideal for the paper to write on.

Coated or uncoated

Coated Paper

Coated papers are papers that are coated with glossy, semi-gloss, or matte finishes. This paper is usually very smooth with a slight shine or with high shine. On coated paper, the colors you use will appear brighter.

Why colors appear brighter uncoated papers? It’s because coated stock absorbs less ink than uncoated paper. If you want your images to look crisp and sharp, the coated paper is better for you because the ink stays on top and colors are brighter.

Coated or uncoated

Coated paper is mostly used by Restaurants, photographers, designers, and artists to shed the best possible light on their images. Coated stock is often difficult to write on, so this prevents people from making notes on printed pieces. You have three types of coated paper to choose:

Matte coated paper: Matte paper has little glare. It has a light coating that provides a boost to the contrast images. The matte coating provides a smoother presentation than an uncoated sheet.

Coated or uncoated

Gloss coated paper: This type of paper provides a lot of shines. This results in higher contrast and color gamut than other papers. If you have full-color images this is for you.

UV gloss Coating: This type of paper makes pictures stand out, enhances color contrast, and makes the vibrant colors pop out more than regular glass.


Now you probably know what type of paper you need for your business. If you need invoice books with uncoated paper, visit our website and check our offers for docket books, invoice books, with the highest quality. Click here for more.


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